Casa Jaguar

Constructed on a sloping parcel of land with a 65% incline, Casa Jaguar is a testament to seamless integration with the surrounding Andalusian environment.

Spanning three levels and 500 square meters of carefully crafted space, the villa's construction involved the artful incorporation of multiple volumes nestled into the hillside. This unique arrangement facilitates natural temperature regulation, enhancing the villa's harmony with the terrain. Roof gardens not only provide thermal insulation but also add a final flourish to its seamless integration into the landscape.

The villa exhibits a gentle and understated architectural aesthetic, characterized by minimalist volumes and a palette of neutral tones. Natural materials are employed throughout, enhancing the interplay of light and shadow while inviting ample natural light into the interior spaces. The flooring, adorned with textured microcement, adds tactile richness to the ambiance.

The ground floor of the villa features an open-plan kitchen flowing into the living area, along with two bedrooms complete with en-suite bathrooms. Ascending to the first floor reveals the luxurious master suite, complemented by a private terrace offering panoramic views. Outdoor leisure amenities, including a pool and solarium, grace two of the villa's terraces, inviting relaxation amidst the stunning surroundings.

True to its ethos of integration, the villa's design ensures that all spaces are open and interconnected. The master suite, in particular, seamlessly merges with its natural surroundings, thanks to cleverly concealed panels. Descending to the semi-basement unveils a haven of wellness and leisure, comprising a gym, bar, sauna, Turkish bath, and jacuzzi.