How to create the perfect Mediterranean garden

The garden of your home should be a functional sanctuary, an extension of your property where you can relax and enjoy in equal measures. Where better to embrace the great outdoors than the Costa del Sol, which enjoys over 300 days of sun each year and an enviable climate which entices many people from all over the world to live or holiday here.

Since the pandemic, there is a greater demand on people wishing to create a retreat in their gardens, with a nicely designed space for the whole family to enjoy all year round but also suitable to this Mediterranean climate which enjoys milder winters and hot, dry summers. Whether you have several hundred metres of open space or a small terrace area, there are plenty of options to turn your garden into the perfect space.

Feel inspired to invigorate your outdoors with some tips from the experts at Atlas Group.


What is trending in Marbella in terms of modern gardens? A good percentage of luxury properties in the Marbella area have modern architecture. These can be striking to the eye, and so gardens can be used to compliment and soften, with moving grasses or flowering plants.

Using the garden more effectively to ensure every space is used and as an extension of the home is popular. BBQ and dining areas are common, for obvious reasons, while many families consider the young children with play areas and children’s pools.


I want to create a beautiful garden but not spend a fortune on the maintenance. How can this be done? Choosing the right plants is key. Native plants to Spain will be an obvious choice, due to their general hardiness for the climate. Seek foliage that requires minimal watering over the summer months, such as grasses, cacti and succulents, and ensure you have a good irrigation system able to be controlled via home controls or your mobile phone. For larger gardens, palm and olive trees are the typical choice and with a little maintenance from professionals, they will remain pest free and healthy all year round.


My outside space is limited, how can I make the most out of it? If you have a terrace only, or a smaller garden space there is still plenty that can be achieved to make it a pint-sized retreat during the hot summer months. Plunge pools are vertical bodies of water that can be a couple of metres in length and height but deep enough for a good, cooling soak in July and August. These are ideal on terraces too, as they take up little space and can have glass walls to make an eye-catching design feature. Consider creating a vertical garden too, so that plants can creep up the walls rather than take a sprawling flower bed. Equally, a smaller garden can be functional, with tiling on the floor and a mix of materials to endure minimal maintenance but also leave the environment perfect for potted plants which can bring colour and movement. Water features, with flowing water can also create a sense of calm and are easy to integrate into a small or large space.


My Costa del Sol property is a second home, how can I ensure the garden and pool are looked after when I am not in Spain? Firstly, employing a maintenance company is essential. A professional and trustworthy company will keep the pool clean, with healthy water quality and working efficiently, and ready for when you arrive to enjoy it. The team at Atlaspool and Atlasgarden work in harmony to maintain both the swimming pool and the garden, delivering adequate watering, overall care of the plants and mowing of the grass, as well as pest control tailored especially to the plants in the garden and consideration of children and pets using the space.