Coto restaurante | Modern architecture nestled in nature

The iconic Coto restaurant nearby to La Zagaleta has undergone a total renovation and is open again for business.


Perched on the winding Ronda road, this well-loved and renowned bolt hole gained new ownership and embarked on a complete refurbishment and rehabilitation. Clive Rogers, Head Chef, and owner, said the brief for the project was to “connect the established Andalusian natural landscape with the inside of the restaurant, blending with nature but to have standout architecture without being an eye sore.” A financial partner of the business is Lord Fink, British hedge fund manager and politician.


Over a 16-month period, the team used a mix of materials to take inspiration from the natural landscape, yet also create a show-stopper architectural design.


Working with renowned local architect Juan Salvador Shvartzberg, and built by Atlas Group, the build began to take shape. The core element of the work is a metal structure to give stability to the remaining structure of El Coto Inn, which was largely demolished for the new build. As a peculiarity, the exterior cladding of the property is made from imitation wood composite staves and the carpentry is with wood special for exteriors with large windows, giving the property the eye-catching architectural design.


Inside Coto, the interiors also heavily use wood. The floor is an Italian wooden platform mixing a classical design called quadrotta and modern oak design slats. The walls of the restaurant are covered with wood panels and the bar and bathroom countertops are made of large format porcelain. The contemporary architecture is combined with eclectic and luxurious interior design and the impressive kitchen is a complete custom design from Pilsa.


True to Clive Roger’s brief, the property has ample wraparound terraces with views down to the valley to the Mediterranean. Shaded by surrounding cork trees, the mix of materials blend with the surrounding nature. Water features and carefully designed garden features, shading and architectural features are integrated into the outside areas.