New business helps to make Costa del Sol homes safer than ever

For the ultimate peace of mind for you and your loved ones, as well as protection against natural disasters such as forest fires and flooding, Marbella and surrounding areas are welcoming the latest innovations in home protection and safety. Military grade techniques and materials are behind Arcadia Engineering, who offers homeowners a range of products and services to ensure their home and their family are looked after to the highest degree.


Levi Boterdael, Owner of Arcadia Engineering, said, “Safety is one of the utmost priorities for families, especially while in the comfort of their home. Not only is it important to protect yourself with home security, but for the ultimate peace of mind, protect you and your family against any outside threat as well as natural disasters. Your home is your castle and you should feel 100% comfortable in it.”


Arcadia Engineering offer a range of products from panic rooms and jewellery safe rooms to fire detection and air purifying systems for peace of mind, security and wellbeing in the home.



Panic rooms

A safe, or “panic” room is a fortified room installed in a home to provide a safe shelter or hiding place, if there is a home invasion, but these rooms can also store personal belongings such as jewellery and items of value. The rooms can be hidden with a secret passage or hidden door and can also be bullet proof or anti explosion. These panic rooms contain communication equipment with artificial intelligence and the rooms are encased in concrete or steel for maximum durability and can be positioned with in the house or within the property site. Depending on the requirements, the panic rooms can be singular rooms or a bigger area with multiple bedrooms, living areas and bathrooms for the entire family.



Secret passages and storage rooms

Hidden routes throughout the home for stealthy travel, allowing the movement of people or goods, it is common for these to lead into secret rooms, so that the family can enter or exit buildings without being seen. Choose from customised doors to fit the décor of the home to provide a seamless and invisible entrance. The most common use of a hidden bookcase is security. Unlike conventional safes or vaults, a secret passage or vault won’t direct criminals to the location of your valuables. In addition, secret rooms provide more space for storing valuables, leaving you to store and display valuables conveniently.



Anti-fire systems

The Arcadia long range EFD system has advanced AI based early fire detection algorithms to alert to the early signs of a wildfire breakout in the surrounding area, a particular concern in the south of Spain and homes located in the mountainous areas of the Costa del Sol. This is an advanced system compared to existing detection methods which have “over temperature” alarms and therefore enabling early evacuation and fire alarms.