Are you preparing to build a new home on the Costa del Sol? Read this first.

The property market in Marbella and surrounding areas is booming, and it is more important than ever to choose a building partner with a solid reputation, one that meets with the latest legislation and builds using pioneering technology, who will deliver your dream property without any unwelcome surprises.


Atlas Group’s reputation is the result of years of steady growth, careful planning, and a meticulous choice of staff. With a large portfolio of luxury home builds, the team have also an impressive portfolio of apartment builds, offices, and single home developments.


Mike Gregory, Director General at Atlas Group, gives advice on how to choose a construction company here on the Costa del Sol.


Cut-price builds

Can you really be sure that cost of your cut-price home is as easy as what is detailed on the billboard, or marketing promotion? Or will buying a turnkey advertised project end up costing more money in the long run, and with it a plethora of legal issues?


“Despite small differences in quotes provided for the build when you go to tender, most costs are actually the same are unavoidable. For example, architect fees, materials and the wages of staff cannot be promised at lower prices. If the builder is determined to cut corners, it could result in a project not being completed to the original plans, or to adequate standards. Even legal costs can crop-up when a contractor is working to undercut on costs.”


Meeting the legal requirements

“It is vital the building company you choose implicitly complies with the regulations and laws associated with the works. Each member of the team building your project must have gone through a rigorous health and safety training. The costs gained must be signed off by a technical architect and the materials ordered for the build should be in-line with the expectations of the architect as well as the client.


“The build must also be compliant with the rules and regulations of Spain, which will result in a huge headache and cost for the client if corners are cut. At Atlas Group, we choose professionals at the top of their game, work closely together with the architect and technical architect for the duration of the build, and only partner with companies who share the same ethics and dedication to the client. Avoiding a bargain will ensure a solid build that will stand the test of time.”


Choose the right materials

“Your building partner will advise and help you, along with the architect, on suitable materials for the build of the project to take into consideration the location, climate and the conditions of the ground it will stand on. To cut corners here will prove costly in the future. If you are building a home by the beach, you must be educated on the water table and salt conditions which will have an impact on the foundations, structure and of course, the water proofing. Homes located in the mountains must have retaining walls to hold the build.


“Installations should be specifically designed to suit the individual property depending on the location, orientation, ceiling heights and window sizes. Air conditioning, underfloor heating systems, dehumidifying systems etc are all specially designed and selected for the property, considering energy efficiency.


“Choose a home builder who has a dedicated team with a solid track record of building quality homes and projects, and all should anticipate a finish better than you imagined.”