Meet Quero Carpintería

Established in 1958 by Juan and Manuel Quero Rosales in the white village of Casares, Malaga, Quero have been providing their specialist carpentry services for over sixty years. Having begun as a small family run operation initially supplying the small in town in which it began, Quero has expanded and become a staple in the wood market serving the entire region with its products. By the end of the 80s Javier, Luis, Juan David and Manuel, sons of the founders, were integrated into the business and incorporated modern vision into the already successful company elevating to one of the leading wood carpentry suppliers in Spain.


The team at Quero currently consists of fifty-five employees working with everything concerning wood for private homes and businesses. They excel in delivering top-quality, specialist products to complete turnkey homes, from doors to wardrobes, to pergolas, roofing, furniture, windows, and more. The structure of the company runs smoothly with a General Manager from whom the partners branch out, each having several departments; workshop, varnishing and logistics, from each of them come the production managers and foremen.


The pandemic influenced business due to production having to come to a halt for some time, but even more troubling was the difficulty to obtain raw materials in Spain which resulted in limited production even when it could resume. Now, however, everything is beginning to ease back into a sense of normality and functionality.


The company ethos at Quero and the spirit of the company is above all quality, creativity, consistency, and customer relations. Their values are strong, and they never lose sight of the fundamental pillars which ignited the business from the very beginning; humility, honesty, ethics and sincerity. They are seriously customer orientated, driven by their individual needs, and so keeping them involved in the entire process is very important as they appreciate their clients as being their greatest asset.


Quero are also dedicated to their high standard of products and pride themselves on consistently delivering the best quality possible. Sourcing some of the most beautiful raw woods such as conifers; pine, fir, hardwoods; oaks, cherry, chestnut, tropical woods; Iroko, Sipo, etc. as well as regular or waterproof DM boards and agglomerates, is obviously a vital factor in achieving this as they strive for excellence in their field. As well as the recognition of professionalism and quality in their work, Quero are pioneers in the introduction of new production systems and machinery for the manufacture of windows, doors, cabinets and covers, as well as in the application of ecological treatments to wood.


Quero have collaborated with Atlas Group on many occasions over the years since their working relationship began in 2011. Since 2018 this partnership has developed further and working together has become a regular occurrence. Recent outstanding works being three villas at El Madroñal.