A harmonious interaction between organic materials and the surroundings

Meet Archidom Studio, the trailblazing architects behind many of Marbella’s striking villas and commercial builds.


Renowned architects Chema Sobrado and Alvaro Estuñiga joined forces in 2017 consolidating their professional, global careers alongside their highly skilled architects, designers, creatives, technicians and consultants who complete the team at Archidom Studio.


The studio has developed some of this area’s most iconic landmarks, both commercial and residential, making Archidom one of the leaders in contemporary architecture. Some of their most outstanding and revered commercial work can be seen dotted around the region’s most illustrious locations. Their unique projects fully reflect their experience and philosophy, integrating a multitude of disciplines throughout all the phases involved in development; architecture, design, engineering, construction and real estate development.


We spoke with the team at Archidom Studio about their philosophy, achievements, challenges, inspirations and aspirations…


How would you describe Archidom's philosophy?

“We are versatile, modern and adaptable to projects of different scales. We maintain a very personal level of service during the design process and offer solid technical and structural solutions and offer a close relationship between the client and the engineering and construction offices. Our projects are generally carried out by a small, close-knit team, whose core is responsible for development from conception to final delivery. This makes the process much more dynamic and controllable for both project managers and clients. We believe that fully integrated planning and solutions guarantee the outcome and long-term success of the project, working with people who believe in their ideas and want those to be fully realised.  We oversee the entire project process and ensure that our client's goal is fully met. This allows us to consistently improve and create better buildings in terms of quality, cost and time.”



Tell us about the Archidom Studio team?

“We are a multidisciplinary team, not only in terms of skills but also culture. We have professionals who developed their careers in various countries in Europe, Dubai, and Latin America. This adds diversity of ideas, concepts and views that converge in our daily work. We have architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, visualisers and a financial department to advise our clients' investment plans.”



Many of Archidom's designs focus on raw materials and a natural aesthetic, what inspired this? 

“Natural materials create a warm and relaxed atmosphere, they help to connect with nature. Seeing as many of us live within four walls we need to create a place of rest, integrated to nature and the wild environment, giving that warmth and closeness to mother earth that is often difficult to achieve in big city homes.”


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