How the quarantine has affected our search for a luxury home

Despite the global health concerns and the weeks most of Europe was quarantined, interest in luxury property has continued to grow, fueled perhaps by daydreaming of a home in the sun surrounded by beauty and comfort. While Spain is weathering the changing restrictions, the desire for a second home, or for people to relocate completely to the Marbella area remains strong and since the lockdown, many real estate and developer companies in Marbella are reporting a surge in demand for opulent properties. For example, Atlas Group’s project of three villas in Los Flamingos have been met with great interest, with two out of the three already sold while the construction is in progress.

In this period following a global distress, it is only natural that people have a strong desire to seek peace of mind, higher standards of living and the comfort that a luxury home can offer. Those who put their plans on hold for the pandemic have continued their journey to build or buy property in Marbella and the experience of leisure and comfort. Many properties here can offer amazing cinemas, spas, and gyms, as well as unbeatable atmosphere, security, and sound.

With so much interest and activity in the luxury market here in Spain, one must be aware of the expansive benefits and true comforts that your next home can bring.  Those who want to build or redesign their home in this special province should also mind all the many amazing possibilities. As you explore the rich options that luxury properties in Marbella present, see how home build and design can create the perfect experience of living.

Practicality meets luxury

With cinemas, game rooms, home gyms, and even spas, high quality homes in Marbella invite you to imagine living beyond ordinary limits, the day to day activities have also been considered. For example, kitchens are well furnished with high quality appliances such as the GAGGENEU brand and solutions for worktops can include antibacterial worktop materials to offer peace of mind and functionality.

Through these and more safety innovations, luxury homes also sport security by design, fashioning homes in a style that is both incredibly attractive and extremely safe. Technology and gadgetry bring the design of these spaces to life and offer practical solutions. As we have been forced to stay at home, what we seek in a property has become more acute and interest in home automation has grown. According to one report, the smart home market is expected to hold a growth rate of 35% between 2017 and 2023[1], with many more people turning to working from home and seeking the best solutions to allow them to both work and run the home effectively.

Automation through the many different forms of technologies allows homeowners to save energy, live more comfortably, and most importantly, save time so they enjoy being at home.

Resort-style gardens

In a world that sought shelter indoors through quarantine measures, a property with extra attention to the outdoors can be magnetic to homeowners and those seeking to build their own properties.

Among beautiful, sprawling landscapes, the post-pandemic market has a renewed interest in creating a private sphere of relaxation and enjoyment surrounding the home. This kind of pleasure turns a home into something of a resort with landscaped gardens and private pools adorning the outside.

The rise of the home office

With so many forced to work from home during the quarantine, many have taken an extra interest in a home office; a contained space to work and avoid the everyday goings on of the house and to avoid sharing a space with partners and children who are being homeschooled. An area well equipped to limit background noise, interruptions and promote good lighting is key. There is not only the option of creating a dedicated room inside the house, it is also possible to build a separate living quarters to the home to create a different environment and encourage the work/life balance.

With the luxury Marbella property market going from strength to strength there is no reason not to invest in the area and build a home perfectly suited to your needs.