How home lighting can improve your quality of life

Article supplied by Illusion

Numerous studies have established the positive effect of light on mood, behaviour, and body rhythms. The lights have a stimulating effect during the day and relaxing when night approaches.

For this reason, at Atlas Group, we are committed to integrating high-quality lighting in our projects, as has been the case of one of our most recent works, Marbesa 10, where the Illusion team has developed a lighting project adapted to the home and the possible uses of each of the rooms.

The benefits of warm and indirect lighting

The light temperature is a factor of great importance when designing the lighting of any space. In the case of Marbesa 10, Illusion has chosen to generate warm environments that help rest and relaxation for the people who live in the house, improving their sleep and health.

In addition, indirect lighting helps create perfect scenes for the last hours of the day, improving visual comfort and avoiding glare.

The importance of colour rendering

The colour rendering index is the ability of a light source to accurately represent colours, in the same way that sunlight does. This feature is especially important in areas of the house such as the dressing room, the bathroom mirror or the kitchen.

The control system, an essential tool to get the most out of your home

Illusion enhances the user experience through Lutron-branded control interfaces. Getting what you want in a simple and intuitive way allows us to get rid of those repetitive tasks that consume time and focus on the really important ones. Entering the home and that, with a single gesture or a single word, lighting and natural light are adapted to the needs of use, providing comfort, sophistication and utility never seen before.