Building relationships in construction; why solid partnerships create the best homes

When building a dream home, it is vital that you have the right team in place to complete the project on time, within budget and to the best finish. But many underestimate the importance of using a building company able to recommend and work with a range of partners to completely integrate the project and form a team to build every aspect of the home.


When building a property here on the Costa del Sol, it can take all the stress out of creating the home by choosing a construction company able to coordinate and project manage all of the details; everything from the home intelligence system, kitchen, bathrooms and swimming pool.


The design, construction and installation process, from the start to the finish of the property, is largely dependable on communication and the relationship between all of the involved companies. This is where companies such as Illusion come in.


Illusion is an independent company specialised in the design, installation and maintenance of lighting, audio-visual and control projects. The team assists clients from a very early stage to develop a project and overseeing the works during the design and construction phases to achieve the best result. Over the years Atlas Group has developed a reputation as a highly knowledgeable and dedicated construction company, adept at delivering tailormade construction, bespoke interiors and landscape projects throughout the Costa del Sol. Unlike other builders, Atlas Group employs every member of the team, choosing technical experts in each field who are committed to delivering the highest quality builds for our customers.


Atlas Group and Illusion have a long history together, working on numerous projects over the years and as such, have both earned a reputation for completing homes to an outstanding finish, just as the client dreamed of. So why should you select a building company able to integrate all aspects of the property?



When you hand over your project to the construction company, you want complete confidence that all aspects of the build will be taken care of. You want a builder able to work together with the kitchen supplier to ensure that one of the main rooms of the home work in harmony with the construction, both from a design and functionality perspective.


Ultimate home comfort and ease of use

Create the best experience of living; the ability to enter the property with a single gesture or word, set up the lighting, music and temperature is all possible, and Illusion are market leaders in this high level of home automation.


Intelligence systems are making homes easier to control. Achieving what you want, whether it is to close the blinds or set the perfect temperature this can be done in a simple and intuitive way, which allows you to focus on what’s important. To be able to coordinate this with the home builders, to ensure this works in harmony is where a strong business to business relationship is key in boosting the quality of lifestyle.  


Energy performance

There is an undoubted demand to build homes that conserve energy and reduce running costs. Atlas Group and Illusion work together to optimise the property and ensure the best possible performance, where it is desired.


In the build of your project, trust is crucial, and it is vital that you have a good relationship with your build partner. Choose one passionate about both their work and your project and you won’t be disappointed.