Bespoke, quality kitchens | Danespan

Employing Danespan is much like visiting a Savile Row tailor. The service is second to none, the entire process is bespoke and completely tailored to your specific requirements and taste.

In both instances, you receive exceptional service and a high-quality product, and the whole experience will leave you feeling like a prince.

Much like a high-quality suit, a Danespan kitchen will last you years, thanks to the exceptional quality and often decade long guarantee. In fact, it is most likely that you will be so impressed by the quality and the service, you’ll remain a client for life.

This is Danespan, manufacturer of bespoke kitchens and supplier of quality appliances from trusted brands such as Gaggenau, Miele and Bora.

Who is Danespan, what exactly do they offer clients and what kitchen trends should you know about?

Who is Danespan? Danespan is a super-efficient company comprising 29 staff covering manufacture, management, logistics and the tradesmen who fit the kitchens and appliances. The service is completely integrated to guarantee they will deliver your dream kitchen. Danespan works closely with the architect, the construction company and the client ensuring that the brief and the client ́s wishes are met. Based on the typical Danish principles of punctuality, quality and exceptional services, the entire team is dedicated and timelines are diligently adhered to. Throughout the process, the team will cause a little disruption as possible, leaving all areas clean and tidy.

Danespan will manage the entire process, from the initial kitchen designs and the manufacture, to the final installation. The process begins with the first client meeting when the preferred designs and appliances are discussed, through to fitting and ongoing maintenance. The team is on-hand throughout the entire process, advising and listening to your specific requirements.

With a reputation for working only delivering the best, the company offer exceptional quality and high performing appliances with unprecedented guarantees. Danespan manufactures the kitchen from their own factory, to ensure quality methods and final products.

What does a Danespan kitchen look like? A kitchen from Danespan is truly bespoke. Everything from the appliances used, to the materials and the colours selected are made according to your specifications and completely tailored to suit your lifestyle here on the Costa del Sol.

Ecological designs. The company is proud of their ecological and sustainable philosophy. They have long been working towards cleaner and more environmentally friendly kitchen production,suchasusingfewerchemicals in the manufacture of surfaces, to benefit the environment and the homeowner. Recyclable materials and clean energy practices are implemented in the manufacture where possible. 

Who is a typical Danespan client? Danespan attracts clients are from all over the world, but typically they are Northern European; Norwegian, Dutch, Belgian etc. Above all, Danespan clients seek highly rated, well designed appliances and an organised team who are able to fulfil their brief, on-time with no fuss.

As there is such a varied clientele here on the Costa del Sol, Danespan makes a point of being extremely flexible and this is why they offer bespoke kitchen solutions. A large number of clients don’t live on the Costa del Sol all year round, some of their properties are holiday homes or investments, which is why Danespan offers such an accommodating service, ensuring issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently to give the owners complete peace of mind.

What are the latest products and trends? Kitchen design is constantly changing and evolving, and appliances are becoming smart, more energy efficient and ever more technological. Think push-to-open fridges, smart oven extractors to cleverly remove fumes from the side of the hob to preventing cooking smells from permeating the rest of the kitchen, without the need of a large extractor hood. You can expect to see more taps and water outlets that deliver an exact quantity of water and smart methods to reduce wastage. More and more eco-friendly solutions to create a smarter and “cleaner” kitchen.

Design-wise, there is a greater use of wood and organic materials, to create a softer aesthetic. Organic materials are also a typically healthier choice for interiors, thanks to their non-toxicity. Natural stone is becoming more popular, due to both its durability as a material and timeless aesthetic. Antibacterial and anti-stain granite worktops are a sound investment and becoming more popular. Take a look too at Neolith worktops, an evolved porcelain surface which is scratch and impact resistant.

Although considered to be the heart of the home, the kitchen has often been overlooked in terms of interior design and ecological innovation. Today, a good quality kitchen means paying as much attention to the form as well as the function, which is Danespan’s speciality.

Just like when you buy a bespoke suit, you expect comfort, style, usability and durability, underpinned by understated elegance. This is exactly what Danespan delivers.