ADANA to receive a full renovation

ADANA, Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals, was established in 1990 and has, to date, found forever homes for over 9000 dogs. Situated in Parque Los Pedregales, Estepona, the organisation is run by volunteers and the centre relies on donations to provide the care and attention for abandoned animals. ADANA rescues over 400 dogs a year, helping to rehome dogs recovering from sickness or injuries and also provides a safe haven for abandoned pregnant dogs so that their puppies can be born safely at the shelter.


Now, ADANA is set to receive a long-awaited improvement, a large renovation to the shelter which will be delivered by leading Costa del Sol construction company Atlas Group.


These works are required to bring the animal shelter up to the modern levels required for their application of a new Zoological Licence, which means that ADANA will become THE official animal shelter in the Estepona, with plans to incorporate the areas of Manilva and Casares too.


The project includes a new sewage system with a biodegradable storage process unit to protect the surrounding environment, a new roof to cover nine of the patio areas for the dogs, a new fire alarm and escape installation, and an upgrade in the solar electrical generation system. Finally, the addition of a new standby generator to cover the future expansion of the shelter. The total cost of the project stands at €188,000 and ADANA is continuing to work to gain the funds to cover the works.


ADANA enlisted the services of architect Juan Salvador Martin Galan and specialist engineer Francisco Sanchez Navarro to create the complete project, approved by the Ayuntamiento of Estepona and under the guidance of the president of ADANA Susan Brown. Atlas Group have been entrusted to complete the building works. The company has long been a supporter of ADANA and for years has sponsored a kennel at the shelter.


Susan Brown, ADANA President, said; “We are making history with the renovation, and it has been a project 30 years in the making. All the works have been totally funded by the friends and volunteers of ADANA; we do not receive any financial assistant from national or local government, surviving on public donations alone. These donations allow us to continue our efforts to save the abandoned dogs and ensure that they are rehomed successfully in the local area. We wish to thank all of those who have helped us with our mission so far and helped us to make this happen. We could not have done this without you. We continue to seek donations to help us reach the target of the renovation project and to help us continue to look after the dogs in our care.”


Mike Gregory, Director General of Atlas Group, said; “We are thrilled to be working alongside ADANA to provide the long-awaited renovations to the shelter. Atlas Group first sponsored a kennel back in 2014, when I adopted my dog Max, and since then we have continued to support this worthy cause. The entire team at ADANA do a fantastic job and we congratulate them on their dedication and hard work.”


To donate to the works at ADANA or to help the organisation to continue their work with abandoned dogs, contact:

+34 952 113 467