Modern architecture is evolving | 2020 design trends

Clean lines, cubic design and white washed villas. A familiar vision on the Marbella landscape these last few years, with the surge of modular style architecture. But in recent months Marbella and the Costa del Sol, has welcomed a new style of architecture; remaining contemporary and with all the modern comforts but properties have more and more injections of wood, stone and an aesthetic mix of materials to break up the cubic shape and blend with the Mediterranean landscape. Sleek wooden pergolas, vast stone walls and exciting build structures which break away from a square mould are becoming more common, especially in the luxury market of properties over one million euros. What can we expect to see more of this year in property architecture and design?

Mixing materials is becoming more popular. Imagine the aesthetic qualities of selected walls wrapped in the rough edges of stone, or striking wooden pergolas springing from the build to frame exterior seating areas. Take Arboleda Villas, an 18 villa development near the New Golden Mile, which has these injections of natural materials to create a visually stunning community in harmony with the surroundings. Francisco Robles, Robles Diaz Arquitectos, was the architect behind this project which was built by Atlas Group. On the design, he said, “The overall architecture is contemporary but integrating organic materials to give warmer accents; laminated wood pergolas and sandstone cladding on the exterior walls.”

While the trend for contemporary styled architecture continues, more and more personality is being injected into the exterior as well as the interior. A more classic style is being requested, for example the flat roofs are making way for softer, carefully angled lines and the more traditional Spanish tiling. Slate-like effect tiles are also becoming more popular and window frames are moving away from aluminium and more towards iron or wood to add more character to the property.

Architecture in 2020 continues to incorporate fluid living spaces, integrating the inside and the out to benefit from the incredible Mediterranean climate. Smart window glazing can create a special connection to the natural landscape outside and adding glass that runs the entire width of the wall can blend the indoor/outdoors and making the interior living areas seem larger than they actually are. This can work well in the main living areas and kitchen but also in other spots too, consider opening your ensuite into a private courtyard or the master suite into a terrace facing the sea.
Inside the property, the clever use of partitions can blend spaces; instead of choosing a solid wall between living areas, full or half height panels of wood or glass can create a division while allowing the property to flood with light and connect the property together.

High quality and eco friendly builds are in demand. Architecture and construction is being shaped by EU regulations and by the end of this year, the industry has strict targets to build nearly zero energy buildings. When it comes to the architectural influence, the architect must consider points such as the orientation of the build, to aid heating and cooling, the roof overhang and overall size of the property. Construction must be of high quality and comply with the latest regulations.


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